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The biggest trap nowadays in engineering matters is called “lost productivity” whereby the engineers need to put a lot of efforts to get the correct information from the various internal departments loosing a lot of time, because of the experienced and knowledged staff of Nautim this “lost time” can  be reduced to a minimum.

When a vessel needs a (major) modification, refit, rebuilt or structural upgrade Nautim can take care of this for the customer even if it must be approved by a classification society. We are capable to make the required stability and/or strength calculations including the construction drawings and when needed can submit this to the approval office(s) for the customer. This can be done for any (international) seagoing vessel, regardless of the type of vessel. We can also provide you with construction supervision after the approval process.

Fire control and Safety plans:
Fire control and Safety plans for seagoing vessels have been mandatory for years. A Fire control and safety plan is a drawing of the entire vessel showing the safety facilities on board, such as firefighting and rescue equipment. The safety equipment is indicated by IMO symbols.

Nautim can take care of the inspection on board if needed and prepares and prints the drawings and can get approval of the Fire Control and Safety plans in-house for any type of seagoing vessel.